Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q - What do people wear to church?  

A - Jeans are definitively appropriate just as a suit and tie.  Both attires will be seen.  

Q - Does the church have any classes for my children?  

A - There is Children’s Church for ages 3 - 8 right after the praise and worship time.  

Q - What kind of music could I expect to hear?

 A - Contemporary praise music is a main stay of LWC.

Q – How often is communion given?

A – Communion is given on the first Sunday of every month.  The elements are received and then everyone takes them together as instructed by the pastor.

Q – What are the steps to water baptism?

A – Tell Pastor Bruce your desires.  He will set up a time to discuss your options and will help you in this step of faith.   

Q – What do I do if I need prayer?

A – If you want the church to keep you in prayer over a certain issue, you can put your request in the offering plate.  If desired, your prayer request can be added to the newsletter.  If you want hands laid on you during the service, speak to Pastor Bruce and he will be sure to make that happen.

Q – Pastor Bruce, do you have a favorite author or a favorite book other than the Bible?

A – Several authors come to mind.  Of course, there are many others but a few of my top picks are Andrew Murray, Derek Prince, Kenneth Hagin, Arthur Pink, Malcolm Smith, Watchman Nee, and Jack Hayford.  My all-time-favorite book is The Holiest of All by Andrew Murray, a commentary on the book of Hebrews.  It explains the revelation of Jesus Christ being a faithful high priest on our behalf, daily working in our lives in the power of an endless life.